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Socket API is now part of Bungee. Socket API will be migrated to Bungee API. Documentation is in progress, and you may find references to Socket API in this documentation.

Bungee API allows developers to easily transfer liquidity across chains It lets you access aggregated liquidity and information from hundreds of on-chain and off-chain decentralized exchange networks, bridges, across multiple blockchains. It comes with many parameters to customize your requests for your application and your users. It allows you to interface with the multi-chain world with ease and also to interact with on-chain Bungee contracts on different chains. The API also comes with utilities for token approvals, balances, prices across different chains that we support.

We offer hosted versions for different networks. Requests for more networks, and questions/feedback in general should be directed at our Discord.

Want Bungee to integrate your protocol?​

Access to Bungee's API is restricted and requires an API key. Should your project require access to the Bungee API, please complete the submission form, and our team will respond at the earliest convenience. For any queries, please reach out to us on Discord.

Public API Key : 72a5b4b0-e727-48be-8aa1-5da9d62fe635 (For testing)

API Key form :

API Status​

The API uptime and status can be checked here.

Important Notes​

Bridge Slippage​

  • defaultBridgeSlippage for route can be set b/w 0% - 100% & passed in /quote endpoint . This slippage value also needs to be passed in /build-tx or /build-next-tx when building the transaction data.
  • If a bridge doesn't support slippage, bridgeSlippage value is returned as 0 in the quote response and users may receive an amount less than expected from slippage.
  • If a bridge supports slippage & the receiving amount is less than expected from slippage, the destination tx doesn't go.
  • In this case, users need to redeem their funds via fallback mechanisms. This varies from bridge to bridge. Find these fallback mechanisms here

Same chain swaps​

  • Bungee also supports same chain swaps in addition to cross chain swaps
  • The fromChainId & toChainId in the quote needs to set to the same chain
  • The isOnlySwapRoute parameter in a route is set to true for same chain swaps